We are Spark Tech, we believe that great things can be accomplished when you devote yourself to them. We work hard, we play hard and we enjoy every minute of what we do because what we do is awesome.

Born with the intention to provide our clients with a wide variety of products and services, from strategy and conceptualization, to mobile and web development, all focused on the digital landscape of today's technologies.


We do what we love and we love what we do.We have the power to create amazing interactive worlds.

Just don’t ever ask us to go outside and face that awful…                                                …you know…                                                           …real world. 


We conceptualize, design and develop iconic web experiences applying the latest trends and technologies.
Our websites are optimized for the diverse range of devices and screen sizes.

We specialize in:

Responsive Design
WordPress Experts

Facebook and social networks integration


Online Stores

WordPress WooCommerce

Online catalogs

Purchase Carts, catalogs, checkouts

Payment Gateways




Usability tests

Interactive design

HTML5 for web aplications

HTML5/CSS3/Javascript/Vue/Laravel/Ajax/Jquery/Php/Google Apis

Web services


We can help you ideate, design and develop that app that will become next Facebook, Twitter or Instagram making us all rich and famous.
In the meantime we help businesses optimize processes for the company and their clients.
UI/UX with platform design guidelines
iOS native apps
Android native apps
Hybrid apps
Website optimization for mobile


1. Requirements Analysis

Solid software analysis to deeply understand all modules and functionalities of your project.

2. Design & Development

Design and development according to Agile Methodologies principles: we build, integrate and test each single module providing a new prototype to you after each cycle.

3. Deployment & Maintenance

After the deployment of your project we follow you 1 year for free, providing support, maintenance and eventually bug-fixing.

Why us?

Customer support

Always online and ready to answer your questions 7/7 days, 16/24 hours per day, we stay with you before, during and after software development!

Quality and Innovation

We are educated to software development process, we always provide latest technologies,  well structured and documented code.

Software warranty

yes! one year software warranty which starts after deployment and allows you to require free of charge bug fixing anytime you need it!

On time deliveries

No delay, no excuse, we always reach our goals with meticulousness and experience. we develop your project as it were the only one.

User Interface

It's not just a question of code, our UI are simple, clean and in step with times. Starting from your idea we create the perfect visual identify for your project following principles of flat and material design.

Cloud solutions

High scalable solutions already designed to grow and become huge business even if it started from scratch. We propose 6 months free hosting contracts to let you frame your business without another headaches.